Bradford’s Bio

Bradford’s skills and experience include social media marking, product development, and business strategies.

Bradford has worked with companies ranging from startups and non-profits to established industry leaders in the entertainment, fashion, retail, healthcare, and design industries.

At the Henry Hanger Company, Bradford rapidly grew the company’s social media following by revising their branding and executing social marketing strategies that leveraged the enormous audience of their fashion industry clients. (more…)

At Living Safer by Dr. Marion, Bradford revised their social media presence and marketing frequency, optimized their lead conversion, and refined their email marketing strategies. (more…)

Bradford worked with Warner Bros. on The CW Network’s television show “Capture” to create new marketing strategies that  engaged previously untapped markets and increased overall marketing performance. (more…)

At Bemis Balkind Marketing, Bradford created social media marketing products for the agency’s premiere clients, including Paramount Pictures, Universal, and YouTube. (more…)

At Warner Bros. Online, Bradford ran a department that developed the Studio’s high-profile online entertainment products in partnership with HBO, Warner Music, DC Comics, Microsoft, and more. (more…)

Bradford also has extensive experience in traditional entertainment, having been mentored by his Emmy and Oscar Award winning father, Edgar J. Scherick.

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