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Henry Hanger Company

Bradford revised Henry Hanger’s branding, social media marketing strategies, and marketing execution.

Henry hanger has been a leading manufacturer of clothes hangers since 1929. Their long-standing clients include the top brands in the fashion industry: Chanel, Georgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and more.

Strategy: Leveraged the overall popularity and appeal of the fashion industry and Henry Hanger’s long-standing relationships with leading fashion clients.

Execution: Created a content branding theme and tagline that defines Henry Hanger as a fashion brand equal to their clients: “Since 1929, Fashion Hangs with Henry.”

Created online sweepstakes and cross promotion strategies with Henry Hanger’s fashion clients to leverage their clients’ massive audience. Grew Henry Hanger’s Facebook following more than 500% over a 3 month period.

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Living Safer by Dr. Marion Somers

Revised Living Safer’s social media marketing, optimized lead conversion, and refined email marketing strategies and execution.

Dr. Marion Somers (PhD) is a nationally renowned authority on aging and caregiving. Living Safer is her most recent campaign to help seniors live longer independent lives at home by avoiding financial scams and the most common in-home accidents.

Strategy & Execution:
• Updated Dr. Marion’s Facebook page and Twitter
• Created marketing content and executed a social media marketing campaign
• Developed optimized landing web pages to convert marketing traffic into lead generation
• Organized existing email lists and refined email marketing strategies