“Capture” TV Show (Warner Bros.)

Hired by Warner Bros. to help market The CW Network’s television show “Capture.”

Strategy & Execution: Created and executed new marketing strategies targeting large and previously untapped markets: Gamer and technology enthusiasts.

Worked with Warner Bros. publicity to get the new marketing content carried on high traffic sites such as Kotaku.com (5 million monthly users).

Increased the frequency of social marketing by creating more video clips and photographs from each show to be used in the show’s marketing campaign.

Improved the cast’s ability to market themselves (and therefore the show) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by providing them with out-take videos and photos from the episodes.

Content: Wrote a press article and blog post that accompanied a “behind the scenes” video that demonstrated how “Capture” is a living video game. ┬áThe video was created in collaboration with the company that developed the show’s game play technology.

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